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Kelly McDonnell

Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts. 

We are very fortunate at Belle Plaine Middle School as our 6th grade students get two class periods per day to learn, develop and apply the required skills assigned in our Language Arts currriculum. Each student will have a 50 minute class dedicated to Reading/Writing and an additional 50 minute period dedicated to English/Writing. 


6th Grade Reading Class: Will be taught by Ms. Katherine Smith

Our class objective will be to introduce, practice, master and apply all skills needed to meet the English Language Arts requirements of the the College, Career Reading Standards. In this class we will collaborate, innovate, participate, and evaluate as we discover the world of fiction and nonfiction texts. We will strive for student led conversation and student driven collaboration as we unmask the joy of becoming a lifelong reader.

6th Grade English Class:

Our class objective will be to practice, master and apply grammar skills to improve our written communication. We will learn to write for a variety of purposes. We will write for a variety of audiences. We will write for short periods of time and for extensive period of time. We will use the Six Traits of Writing and the Writing Process to guide us on our way to becoming effective writers.




Kelly McDonnell

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Lesson Plans

A Note About Lesson Plans

Please understand that lesson plans are a guide line and are subject to change for many valid reasons. Updates/changes will not always appear on the lesson plan calendar. Please contact me or the school office regarding lessons and homework assigned during your child’s absences. Thank you.

Updated lessons and assignments are posted daily on the Middle School homework pages.Clipboard

Flexible Seating

Our Language Arts classroom set employs the concept of Flexible Seating. This means that students make a daily choice about where to sit in our classroom so that their best learning can occur.

Why Flexible Seating?

  • Students are in charge of making positive choices for their learning.
  • Students are motivated by having the power to choose.
  • Students are engaged in their work for longer periods of time.
  • More classroom space for students to move and collaborate.
  • Students are more comfortable, which leads to increased focus.

What Flexible Seating looks like:

  • Students standing at tall tables
  • Students sitting on the floor
  • Students using yoga balls
  • Students spreading out on yoga mats
  • Students sittting on business chairs
  • Students working under tables

two boys collaboratingyoga mat choiceunder the table

  • Students comfortably engaged in work

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