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Our classroom motto: Leave here SMARTER every day...

  • A day at the museum
  • Chess Club 2019-2020
  • Mr. Geography! Winner of the 7th Grade 2020 World Rally Challenge
  • Track & Field Distance Runner 2021
  • Exploring the Museum!
  • Scholars' Bowl Team 2021
  • Exploring events in history.
  • Using artifacts in the classroom to bring history alive.
  • 2020-21 School year in Rm. 117.
  • Technology in the Classroom, the use of a digital trophy case and score board for gamification of learning.
  • The 2020 Dragon Invitational Champion, teaching a teammate a new chess strategy.
  • Mr. Woods
  • Students creating a PodCast.
  • Students creating a movie clip.
  • Students' creating a cellphone PSA.
  • Student creating a puppet show using stop motion for a project.
  • Chess Club 2021-22
  • Fall/ Winter 2021 U.S. History Honors
  • Fall/Winter 2021 U.S. History Honors
  • Establishing shots/ Learning the rule of 3
  • Bill of Rights with Sock Puppets!
  • Learning Geography with Risk!
  • Family Feud, Social Studies Edition!
  • Cross examination of a witness.
  • Building the White House, one brick at a time.
  • 8th Grade History Club in the dome!
  • Fall/Winter 2021 U.S. History Honors
  • Chess Club 2019-20
  • Chess Club 2019-20
  • Chess Club 2019-20
  • 7th Grade Geography students testing local water quality
  • It's a Dance-off Bro!
  • Investigating artifacts from the past.
  • Brainstorming some ideas.
  • Quiet on the set!
  • Having fun creating a PSA on how a bill becomes a law.
  • Scholars' Bowl Kingman
  • Touring the Capitol
  • A honest days work!
  • Scholars' Bowl
  • Students in the Senate chamber
  • ACTING! Touring History!
  • Waiting for a train! #2022 Tour
  • Learning to fly!
  • Do what? Does this work?
  • Factory work !
  • Urban planning!
  • City planner at work!
  • Touring the Capitol
  • All aboard! Checking out a historical train!
  • Team work!
  • Building a museum display!
  • The room is a hive of activity PBL#
  • Clue!
  • Our Music video crew planning!
  • Helping those in need.
  • PSA: What to do in Blizzard!
  • Collaboration on their PODcast
  • Checkpoint: Where did you find that information?
  • These are the citations we were looking for.
  • Scholars' Bowl 2022

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